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Megan Moonbat

written by : Megan Moonbat


Ruling Planet: Mars, Pluto

Modality: Fixed

Element: Water

Symbol: The Scorpion

Personality: bold, creative, discreet, secretive, mysterious, passionate, fearless, loyal, fierce, possessive, overly analytical, suspicious, pessimistic, moody, fiscally responsible, long-term planners, perceptive, realistic, sees the big picture, obsessive, open, honest, trust-worthy, truthful, independent


Bjork, Icelandic recording artist, November 21, 1965

Scorpio Season runs from approximately October 23rd to November 22nd. Scorpio is known as the witchiest of the astrological signs, and Scorpio Season is the most gothed-out, glam time of year. After all, sPoOOOOoOOOOOOOOoooOOOOOOOooooky Halloween, Samhain and Día de Muertos all happen under Scorpio’s watch.

Surprisingly, smouldering Scorpio happens to be a fixed water sign, and the most controlled of them all. Water signs are characterized by being sensitive, responsive and intuitive empaths. As it is a fixed sign, it’s job is to stabilize, and Scorpio’s fixed position allows it to access emotional intensity. Scorpio manages to go deep when it comes to all that is the mysterious and secret aspects of existence.


Georgia O'Keeffe, American visual artist, November 15, 1887

Scorpio Season pivots around themes of our definitions of control, passions and obsessions. As well as being an intense sign, Scorpio is associated with self-assured power and insightfulness. Its two ruling planets: Mars (planet of desire, action and aggression) and Pluto (planet of intuitive forces, metamorphosis and renewal) result in deeply determined Scorpios who are driven towards truth. Scorpio digs deep, and unwaveringly stares into the void to uncover even the darkest of truths.

Scorpio Season dwells in intimacy, power, control, obsession, intensity, psychic powers, shadows, and transformation. Scorpio embraces darkness, it doesn’t run from it. This is the peak time of year for shadow working as well as for mourning. Scorpio has the skills to hold and transform trauma. We each walk the Earth with wounds. To be trauma-free is next to impossible, it is important to sit with your trauma, in order to let yourself heal from it. Scorpio Season facilitates that healing process. It tells us to get help if we feel overwhelmed.


Robert Mapplethorpe, American photographer, November 4, 1946

Samhain occurs on October 31st, marking when the veil between our world and the next is at its thinnest. Scorpio Season is the time when we mark the passing of our beloved ones – with celebrations and holidays marking this passage of time all over the world on October 31st as well as November 1st. Now is ideal for rituals of mourning, crossing over and ancestor veneration.

Not only does Scorpio carry some inherent psychic abilities, it also knows how to cut through the bullshit to get to the truth. Most likely, Scorpio knows all the details before anyone else. Scorpio knows how to show ‘em and how to fold ‘em. They feel secure hiding their power until they know just when to use it. Scorpions know when to attack. They don’t scurry after prey. They wait.

Louise Brooks 1928

Louise Brooks, American silent film actor, November 14, 1906

Scorpio isn’t easily led astray and sticks to its guns. They are determined, focused and work hard to achieve their goals. Emotional intelligence runs strong with Scorpio, and they can read others with alarming precision. There is an innate reserved aspect to Scorpios that can give the impression of aloofness, which can be wielded as a bit of a front to shield this sensitive sign desperate for connectedness.

Scorpio is frequently associated with sexiness and sensuality. During this season, scorpion libidos are bound to be extra-intensified along with every other aspect for that matter. This could manifest in you speaking to your desires openly. Perhaps you have felt repressed and now is the time to do some exploration.


Rachel True, American actress/tarot specialist, November 15, 1966

It is amiss, however, limiting Scorpio to only sex. Scorpio is connected to all relationships that are profound, intimate and life-changing. Desire can manifest itself in a myriad of ways, and fluid Scorpio engages all relationships at varying levels of intimacy. Expect close relationships to get more intimate and immediate, regardless of sexual interaction.

Scorpio is all or nothing. This extremist tendency can sometimes lead to not-so-pretty results. Let us not forget the recently passed Libra Season which seeks balance. It’s important to find a happy medium between extreme hot or cold. Scorpio Season is spiky as hell! It cannot be stressed enough to be careful with how we use our anger right now. Voicing your truth is one thing, but if you are in an immediate situation that is not personally safe, know when to step back and walk away.

Hilma Af Klint In Her Studio On Hamngatan 5 1895 C00e532012

Hilma af Klint, Swedish visual artist, mystic, October 26, 1862

Expect suspicion and jealousy to quicken more than normal, and heightened nerves might lead to sudden outbursts. The worst this could result in are hurt feelings between those who would otherwise get along. The best could show up as you getting in touch with your own sense of fearlessness. How does your fearlessness manifest itself? Do you stand up to those attempting to intimidate you? Perhaps your fearlessness manifests in you speaking your mind in a situation where you have remained silent while others express opinions that go against yours. Use this extra badass Scorpio vibe to disrupt social inertia. Scorpio Season fosters personal strength and empowerment. See how it shows up for you.


Wendy Carlos, American musician and composer, November 14, 1939

Since Scorpio is a fixed sign, the goals we set now have the potential for lasting potency. Conversely, this is also high time for letting go of trivial things in order to focus on what is truly worth our time and energy. To maintain the intentions we are setting now, letting go of any useless grudges and resentments that cloud our focus is key.

All this drama can either seem really appealing or really off-putting depending on your astrological chart. By all means, if you feel the need to step back from a salty situation without being sucked in, do so. Going into hobgoblin mode is the order of the day. Take the time to rest and catch up on a series or dive into a creative pursuit you’ve left on the backburner.

Zadie Smith

Zadie Smith, British author, October 25, 1975

Naturally witchy Scorpio is associated with all things metaphysical. There is no better time than now to use this potent energy to get deep into a metaphysical practice you’ve been curious about exploring, or have been neglecting. Using divinitive and therapeutic practices such as astrology, tarot and shadow work can be excellent resources on healing wounds and trauma.

On the plus side, all this heightened energy can be thrilling and freeing too. Embracing that wilful Scorpio self-possessiveness asks you to seek what you desire. You just might come to a point where you refuse to settle for less.


Claude Cahun, French visual artist/Nazi resistor, October 25, 1894

Scorpio Season is the perfect time to welcome our shadow selves into our lives. Doing this asks us to be courageous to examine the things about ourselves and others that we have not been willing to confront. Can you accept these things, or are they holding you back? Exploring your personal wants and desires asks you to reject fear of change and be open to much-needed evolutions in your life, and the world.

Scorpio understands that we’re all human, and all humans are capable of darkness as much as light. Instead of pushing things out of sight and out of mind, Scorpio knows that the light and dark within are as natural as they are manageable. Scorpio Season gifts us with the opportunity to become friends with our shadow selves. It helps us search fearlessly to find out what we truly desire. Remember, darkness can be nurturing. It is in darkness that light is created, and it is up to us to build that campfire and fan the flames.



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