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Pisces Season 2022

Megan Moonbat

written by : Megan Moonbat


Art: from Free Art, Artist: Casandra Banuelos

Ruling Planet: Neptune, Jupiter

Modality: Mutable (lets go of one season in preparation for another), disperses dreams and visions

Element: Water

Symbol: two fish swimming in opposite directions

Personality: intuitive, impressionistic, responsive, emotive, intuitive, open, impressionable, compassionate, creative, secretive, expansive, magical, worldly, joyful, soulful, empathetic, critical, charming, considerate, romantic, vulnerable, committed

Pisces season swims through our midst from February 20th to March 21st. Ruled by psychic Neptune and abundant Jupiter, Pisceans are sages informed by their dreams. Pisces Suns are known for their creativity and intuition, making them one of the most creative and empathic of the zodiac.


Rosa Bonheur, Around 1890

Born March 16, 1822, Rosa Bonheur was a French artist and sculptor whose paintings have been preserved in popular museums like the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Musée d'Orsay. An influential personality, Bonheur was widely regarded as the 19th century's most popular female painter. An open lesbian, Rosa Bonheur stood out as a groundbreaking individual both in her personal life and her career.


Pisces is a mutable sign that flows between the end of one season and helps prepare for the next. Symbolized by two fish, its element is water. Water signs are known as intuitive, impressionistic empaths which further solidify Pisces’ openness and compassionate natural abilities.

The two fish swimming in opposite directions signifies duality and inner conflict. Pisceans have a strong need to be successful and demonstrate their active drive to achieve. However, being such a watery sign, Pisceans are adaptive, elusive and at times can be malleable to the point of gullibility. As water collects rain, Pisces Suns gather inspiration from all over, soaking in their passions like a sponge. They’re known for their empathy, kindness and pacifistic nature.

Pisces combine innocence with experience. No dummies, they intuitively know how the world rolls. They’ve seen some shit. Yet, this is paired with a dualistic sensitivity linked to their natural, comfort-driven approach to life. They understand the world so well, that they ache for how cruel it is. This all is sourced from a deep well of compassion.


Beatrice Wood 1Born March 3, 1893, Beatrice Wood was an American studio potter and artist best remembered for her association with the Avant-Garde movement. Wood is credited with founding Rongwrong and The Blind Man magazines along with Henri-Pierre Roché and Marcel Duchamp. Beatrice Wood's autobiography inspired the creation of Rose DeWitt Bukater's character in the 1997 epic romance and disaster film Titanic. 


Pisces are one of the most wildly creative of the zodiac, and as such are driven to the arts, realms of the imagination, and various other imaginative endeavours. Pisceans can be found in all areas of the arts, crafts, and creative pursuits.


Gabriele Munter 55421 1Born February 19, 1877, Gabriele Munter was a German expressionist painter who led the Munich avant-garde movement in the early 20th century. She began to draw as a child and was supported in her ambitions by her parents. She went on to have a successful career and became a founding member of the expressionist group Der Blaue Reiter. She lived with painter Wassily Kandinsky.  


They’re energized when they have a creative goal to achieve, and fall down a rabbit hole and back out again as they hop from new experience to new experience. On the other hand, they are pulled in the direction of retreating into their cocoon of comfort. Their strong intuition and empathy tend to get easily overwhelmed from too many buzzing vibrations.

Gunta Stlzl 1Born March 5, 1897, Gunta Stölzl created history when she became the first female master at the Bauhaus. While she initially studied applied arts, such as glass and mural paintings and ceramics, she also volunteered as a Red Cross nurse during World War I. She later focused on hand-woven tapestries and also owned a weaving mill.


Pisces are curious of the spiritual, mystical and occult. Even the more reserved and conventional Piscean has a little secret side that is usually drawn to pretty rocks, or something. As Pisces is one of the most empathetic signs of the zodiac, it isn’t unusual for many to possess psychic/clairvoyant abilities.


Moina Mathers

Born February 28, 1865, an occultist who led the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, Moina Mathers was the sister of Nobel Prize-winning philosopher Henri Bergson. Apart from serving as a priestess and performing rituals for her husband’s magical order, she also devoted herself to art. She later launched the Alpha et Omega Lodge.


These fluid water signs tend to go with the flow of their pod. Impressionable Pisces can begin to weave illusions around key areas of their life: their identity, authentic opinions and true feelings. However, they are shape shifters and can flow into other beliefs and persuasions. Their opinions are anything but static.



Born February 21, 1933, Nina Simone, was an American singer, songwriter, musician, arranger, and civil rights activist. Her music spanned styles including classical, jazz, blues, folk,  R&B, gospel and pop.


Even the most stoic fish has a deeply romantic side. Pisceans go beyond the trappings of the 21st century though: they want an idealized version of a past that never existed. And somehow, they make it work. They often possess an element of embodying old-fashioned romantic notions where overtly lurid details were kept discreet.

They are so adept at immersing themselves in their imaginations, this can also lead to them turning to weaving a web of illusions around their reality as a protective barrier. At times, this can slip into overtly ignoring anything that interferes with their fantasy. Staying in unhealthy relationships, conflicted by differing opinions and feeling easily overwhelmed by the ugliness of reality are all ways that energy can be consumed.


Buffy+sainte+marieBorn February 20, 1941, Buffy Sainte-Marie is an Indigenous Canadian-American singer-songwriter, musician, Oscar-winning composer, visual artist, educator, pacifist, and social activist. Throughout her career in all of these areas, her work has focused on issues facing Indigenous peopls of the Americas. Her singing and writing repertoire also includes subjects of love, war, religion, and mysticism.


Pisces can often find themselves spinning their wheels or, in this case, swimming in circles. They can suffer from constantly feeling torn by conflicts between their ideals and reality. A Pisces in deep-dissociation can easily find themselves consumed by over-indulgence, substance use and deep escapist fantasies in order to overcome hard waves of anxiety.

Maintaining connection with natural water is a must for Pisceans. Connecting to a freely flowing body of water can help them re-center themselves. Just keeping a small fountain or fish tank in their home can work wonders.


Eliott Born February 21, 1987, Elliot Page is a Canadian actor, producer and trans activist.


Connecting to their bodies and dancing helps burn off steam and live in the moment without getting preoccupied by ricocheting emotions bouncing off them. Focusing on drawing or writing things down helps these celestial fish process their emotions.



Born February 19, 1981, Beth Ditto is an American singer-songwriter, actress, queer fat femme activist and most notable for her work with the indie rock band Gossip.


It’s imperative that Pisces personalities take heed of how their energy is consumed, and by what. Being such empathetic souls, their compassion is their most noble trait. The downside of this though is taking on too many peoples’ energetic detritus. They must keep in mind that they aren’t responsible for everyone, and that boundaries are necessary in order for them to access the space they require.

Taking regular breaks from too much social interaction is a must. Cancelling plans, and having a four-day weekend in bed from time-to-time can help replenish much-needed resources.


Erykah Bayu Soul Train Awards Promo VideoBorn February 26, 1971, Erykah Badu is an American singer-songwriter, record producer and actress.


Pisceans swim to their own beat (so-to-speak). They can be on their own wavelength, and time is far from linear for them. This elusiveness is just part of their charm, and whatever wavelength they’re on: it isn’t a boring one!

Spending time with one or two close friends for a woo woo slumber party sees Pisces shine. Pisces witches love revelling in witchy action. It is for sure that they will get dressed up for the occasion! Scheduling a witchy night with your best Pisces pal will be a full-on event with tarot, crystals and probably binging a series or podcast together. It’s important that this last sign of the zodiac replenish its resources and find the time to revel in their creative endeavours and life passions. Keeping that key balance between reality and fantasy helps Pisceans navigate the ebbs and flows of life by remaining tethered, yet allowing their souls to soar.

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