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Megan Moonbat

written by : Megan Moonbat


Ruling Planet: Venus

Modality: Cardinal

Element: Air

Symbol: The Scales

Personality: likable, social, balanced, harmonious, just, artistic, lovable, peace-making, diplomatic, problem-solver, personable, activist, fair, measured, relatable, considerate, even-tempered, open-minded, sensitive, easy-going, indecisive, people-pleasing, vain


Oscar Wilde, Irish author/poet/playwrite/wit/gay rights icon, October 16, 1854

Libra’s symbol - the scales - stands for equality and balance. This Cardinal Air Sign is known for being an initiator. Since Libra is an air sign, during Libra Season we seek mental balance. In order to do this, we must also say goodbye to old ways of thinking that need to be updated and replaced. Libra is known as the creator of projects with a drive towards equality. Fall is the season when things come to fruition, reaching maturity. Our energy is also shifting along with the change of seasons.


Alexandria Ocrasio-Cortez, American politician/activist, October 13, 1989

The Greek goddess Themis (who holds the scales of justice) signifies Divine Law. Often associated with Libra, she encourages us to recognize our own moral compass. What do you allow in your intimate life and what shouldn’t be there? Rituals centred around releasing or banishing anything that’s been holding you back could be very beneficial in also getting rid of some pent-up frustrations. Even though we may notice things changing around us, during Libra Season we are called to find a state of balance and equilibrium.


Hannah Arendt, German-American political scientist/philosopher, October 14, 1906

Egyptian goddess Ma’at is also frequently associated with Libra. After death, Ma’at weighs the feather in her crown against the heart to determine if life was lived in irrefutable, objective verity. If the heart is equal to the feather, then it is shown that the life led was true to the soul. Authenticity is the ultimate worth. By living true to ourselves, we are already doing what we have been put on earth to do.


Fannie Lou Hamer, American voting/women's rights activist/community organizer/civil rights leader, October 6, 1917

This is a time for grounding the energy in our hearth. The hearth can be any safe space you are able to carve out for yourself: be it a temporary corner of a shared room to a real-life witchy fire pit with a cauldron in a rustic cottage in the English countryside (if this is you, I kind of judge you a little bit). The closest I can get to cottagecore is on Animal Crossing, but I digress. Any place in your living place where the focal point of life takes place (yes, it can be on your couch in front of a screen, or on your Animal Crossing village) is an ideal place to nurture your hearth. Get Hobbity with it.


Mary Ann Shadd Cary, American-Canadian anti-slavery activist/journalist/publicist/teacher/publisher/lawyer, October 9, 1823

This Libra season reminds us that the only constant in life is change. Struggling to hold on to the ephemeral serves no one. Libra is about understanding and empathy. We all have our own life journeys, and it is imperative that we follow our truth without letting the agendas of others get in the way. This Libra Season asks us to connect with our core being. It’s important to keep in check so that you don’t find yourself slipping into blindly following the crowd without first coming to your own consensus.

Victoria Woodhull 9536447 1 402

Victoria Woodhull, American leader of the women's suffrage movement/first woman to run for US President, September 23, 1838

If there is anywhere in your life where reciprocity is out of alignment, it is necessary to pivot back to center. This could manifest as being present for your partner, and discussing showing up for one another. It could be accepting compliments graciously, rather than downplaying or minimizing them. It could show up as leaving work at work and investing in meaningful you time when you’re off the clock.

Anne Rice 1477063377

Anne Rice, American author, October 4, 1941

One of the big lessons we are faced with during Libra season is that authentic intimacy and unity must also include personal freedom. If we do not have harmony in our inter-personal relationships, we quickly find ourselves stuck in dead-end ventures, one-sided relationships and stifling circumstances. Libra encourages us to seek equilibrium and advocate as fiercely for ourselves as we would for our nearest and dearest.


Tessa Thompson, American actress, October 3, 1983

Honour your wisdom, truth and feelings. You are there to nurture yourself the way only you know how. Own your truth and your moral compass, and the rest is yours.