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Megan Moonbat

written by : Megan Moonbat


Ruling Planet: the Sun

Modality: Fixed

Element: Fire

Symbol: The Lion

Personality: loyal, honest, fun, lively, vivacious, passionate, theatrical, natural leaders, inspired, creative, artistic, drama-fuelled, stable, consistent, dedicated, egotistical, proud, jealous, ambitious, determined, brave, strong, optimistic, courageous

Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart, July 24, 1897

Beginning July 22nd, and lasting until August 22nd, we are in Leo: the fifth sign of the zodiac. This fixed fire sign is known for its charisma, self-assuredness and optimism. We don’t have to be a Lion to let this season lift us up to reach our goals, seek playfulness, and express ourselves openly. This Big Leo Energy lights a fire under us to go for what it is we’re after before we settle down for autumn.

Tove Jansson3

Tove Jansson, August 9, 1914

The Leo style is all for self-expression and creativity. Being a fixed modality means that the Lion’s job is to channel the strength of personal identity. As Leo’s planet is the Sun itself, Leo is the ultimate fire sign. The Leo temperament functions through emotion. Lions exude self-expression, inspiration, enthusiasm and spontaneity. These warm, entertaining characters must have their creations seen by one and all.


Taika Waititi, August 16, 1975

Leo Suns are meant to shine. Leos need to lionize and receive praise.  Leo rules the fifth house of creative energy and self-expression. Leo has an open door to all its talents, resources and grandeur. These creative powerhouses are committed to stoking their creative flames, and are committed to their personal projects and pastimes that bring them ultimate fulfilment.


Myrna Loy, August 2, 1905

Sun in Leo has to be in charge and to rule something. While not all Leos feel the drive to lead, it is essential that they figure out a way to give of themselves and receive the recognition they deserve. Heart, courage and prestige are all characteristics of Leo Suns. This pride of lions needs to shine free of shame.


Emily Bronte, July 30, 1818

Others are drawn to the bright light Leo gives off, and Leos naturally love the spotlight. They draw others in with their warmth and magnetism. They are the natural performers of the zodiac, but their show boating is not merely an act: they stand committed to their passion and truth. They effortlessly find the power and magic in having fun, living in the moment and embracing spontaneity.


Kate Bush, July 30, 1958

An overlooked Leo is not a pretty sight to see. Without receiving acknowledgement for their gifts, Leos risk heartbreak and bitterness. When distorted, Leo’s hubris can manifest as entitlement. Without perspective, Leos in positions of power are in peril of becoming self-obsessed, domineering and downright egomaniacal. It is of the utmost importance that Leo Suns remain mindful of how they wield their powers of charm and charisma so that they do not sway towards self-righteousness – an ugly trait that alienates others away as quickly as their dynamic personalities draw people to them.


James Baldwin, August 2, 1924

Leo Season is about standing proud with your sense of self: owning who you are and celebrating it. It is a time for injecting much-needed passion into personal ventures while going full throttle into fun-loving pastimes and creative endeavors.


Dorothy Parker, August 22, 1893

For our dear Leos, dreaming big, shining on the dance floor, and indulging in artistic pursuits are all things that drive the head and the heart. This season urges us to submerge ourselves into the romantic aspects of life that feel like teenage daydreams coming to life. Allow yourself to get swept-up in this magic midsummer moment.