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Leo Tarot Spread

Megan Moonbat

written by : Megan Moonbat

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Beginning July 22nd, and lasting until August 22nd, we are in Leo: the fifth sign of the zodiac. This fixed fire sign is known for its charisma, self-assuredness and optimism. We don’t have to be a Lion to let this season lift us up to reach our goals, seek playfulness, and express ourselves openly. This Big Leo Energy lights a fire under us to go for what it is we’re after before we settle down for autumn.

Here is a tarot spread to channel all your wild Leo dreams during the season of the Lion!

1 What do I need to express?

2 What creation needs to be seen by others?

3 How should I best tackle creative pursuits?

4 How can I give of myself to others?

5 How can I find personal satisfaction rather than satisfaction predicated by the opinions of others?

6 What do I need to keep in perspective?