Witchcraft Rituals

Imbolc Ritual 2022

Megan Moonbat

written by : Megan Moonbat

Imbolc is the time of year when we take stock and check in with ourselves. This calls for radical honesty about what you have and what you don’t.

This Imbolc is particularly potent as it takes place on a New Moon: the perfect time for performing and setting intention rituals and spells.

 Both secular and non-secular witches can tap into the holiday’s energy by enjoying traditions such as lighting candles in encouragement for the sun’s return. For many goddess-worshiping witches, Brigid: Celtic Fire Goddess, is the patron goddess of Imbolc. She represents the supernal mother, fertility, and creative inspiration. She’s also worshipped as a warrior and protector, a healer, guardian, slayer of serpents, a sovereign and – of course – a goddess of fire and sun.

If deity worship isn’t your jam, you can also find a treasure trove of powerful ancestors to cull inspiration from. For Imbolc, search out the ancestors who demonstrate powers of curiosity, confidence, and who had to fight to be themselves.

These need not be blood relatives (though if you have an ancestor who embodies those things, by all means look into seeking their guidance) to be ancestors. Our lived experiences and realities coincide with many who have come before us.

We’ll never get what we really need unless we give voice to that. We’re often so caught up in the daily obligations we must adhere to, that we often forget to ask ourselves who we are and what we want.

Whether you be a secular or goddess-worshipping witch (and/or everything in-between), below you will find a simple ritual that can be done in a group or solitary in order to channel the fresh beginnings slowly taking shape in your life and the earth under your feet. If you also wish to trade out the goddess-approach with ancestral acknowledgement, that’s fantastic too!


Imbolc Ritual


4 tea light candles

A lighter

Incense: frankincense, dragon’s blood, sandalwood, cinnamon, and/or rosemary


Begin by lighting your incense.

Meditate, drawing your energy down, calming your mind of any distracting thoughts. Focus on your dreams, goals, and any projects that you have put on the backburner. Now is the time to summon the warmth of the sun in this most dormant time of year in order to help you light a fire under your ass to channel some much-needed TLC towards your soul’s work and desires.

Light the first candle, saying:

“Though we are in the middle of winter, I nourish new beginnings surfacing in the darkness.”

If you wish to honor a deity such as Brigid, or an ancestor (or do all three):

“Ancestor’s Name/Brigid, I thank you for nourishing me during the darkest days of winter, bringing light to the dark.”

Light the second candle, saying:

“I attract light from the growing sun’s rays. May its solar power grow new life into dormant endeavours.”

Ancestor/Brigid: “Ancestor’s Name/Brigid, may I harness your power to mother myself as I manifest and nurture my dreams.”

Light the third candle, saying:

“May the fire of the sun’s rays stoke inspiration and fresh energy into my life.”

Ancestor/Brigid: “Ancestor’s Name/Brigid, may the glow of your inspiration embody the fresh perspective I bring into my life.”

As you light the last candle, visualize all the flames coming together into a glowing ball of energy.

Meditate, envisioning the positive, cleansing energy from the flames filling you and bathing you in a purifying ball of light.


“May the fires of Imbolc purify and cleanse me as I proceed into the new year. May its glow help me in manifesting my dreams and goals. Fire of Imbolc, fill me with your light.”

Ancestor/Brigid: “Thank you for bestowing blessings upon blessings to me this Imbolc eve.”

Finish with meditation, then imbibe in something decadent!

Imbolc blessings!