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Megan Moonbat

written by : Megan Moonbat


Ruling Planet: Mercury

Modality: Mutable (mediate change and change their modes of expression frequently)

Element: Air

Symbol: the Twins

Personality: affectionate, extroverted, caring, curious, flexible, open-minded, adaptable, clever, quick learners, reflective, responsive, anxious, indecisive, nervous, impulsive, inconsistent, easily distracted, unreliable,

Beginning on May 20th, lasting until June 20th (Summer Solstice), the third sign of the zodiac, playful, information-informed Gemini influences us to make connections and get social. The need for stimulation and interconnectedness is strong for these Gemini Sun signs.



Harvey Milk, May 22, 1930


This mutable Air sign is a strong communicator who connects to others through intellectually stimulating exchanges. Engaged with all aspects of the mind, those born under this sign often have a feeling that they are missing their other half. Their symbol (the Twins) is testament to this. Many Geminis find themselves forever seeking their missing half, which sees them frequently making new friends, mentors and close connections who they can talk to.   



Prince, June 7, 1958


At the core of Gemini Suns is their constant need for change as well as their dual nature. These folks flutter from one direction to the next, being everywhere and nowhere all at the same time. The one constant need for Geminis is movement. Their dual nature makes them at once extroverts and introverts, inward gazing and outward seeking, responsive and reflective.


Stevie Nicks, May 26, 1948


Gemini Suns are ruled by Mercury the Messenger, the planet that represents writing, movement and communication. Geminis are curious and communicative. They thrive off of the exchange of ideas. Their interests are multitudinous and Geminis constantly seek out interesting things to talk about. These strong communicators are in their element when engaging with the realms of the intellect. They are focused on ideas and facts, and their Twin nature thrives on duality, paradoxes and contradictions.



Anne Frank, June 12, 1929


Mercury is associated with The Magician in the Tarot. The Magician is a shape-shifter, appearing in a variety of forms. Gemini is also somewhat of a shape-shifter when it comes to presenting their gregarious social self on the outside, but holding tight to their introverted twin who only reveals themselves to people they feel can be considered trustworthy. Sometimes this leads to Geminis being out of touch with their authentic selves.



Lauryn Hill, May 26, 1975


Never ones to be single-sighted, they love to explore topics from every angle and every perspective. Geminis consider all perspectives before arriving at their own conclusion. Their broad mindedness results in caring humanitarians with a wide range of friends and acquaintances. Geminis are always able to find the humanity at the heart of an intense debate. These intellectually stimulating exchanges produce new friendships and new ideas. Geminis are never at a loss for something to contribute.



Emma Goldman, June 27, 1869


These Air signs are utterly fascinated with, and have an unsatiable curiosity about the world around them. Sometimes they feel so strongly that the thought of not having enough time to get in everything that they want to see and experience wracks them with anxiety. These changeable Sun signs are natural writers, journalists and artists. Their open-minded approach and natural flexibility results in a character that is always inspiring and never boring.


Katie Stelmanis/Austra, May 30, 1985


Geminis are quick-witted and know how to express themselves. At times it can seem like they are two different people entirely (big Twins energy), and it might be difficult trying to figure out which one you’re going to come across. These sociable souls are always ready for fun, but they can also turn around in the blink of an eye to be pensive and serious. You have to be able to handle Geminis at their most frivolous and serious as well. Their restless spirits don’t hold them in one emotional landscape for very long.



Allen Ginsberg, June 3, 1926


A fixed routine leaves Geminis feeling confined and stir-crazy. Not fans of repetition, they can quickly feel boxed in. They quickly get lonely, and are not ideally suited for isolation – unless it is self-appointed – but it has to be on their terms. A frustrated Gemini has a tendency for glibness, inconsistency, is easily distracted and prone to gossip. It is wise for Gemini Suns to keep their need for new information to not slip into idle gossip and to approach this thirst for knowledge with integrity. Taking time to meditate and ground themselves will keep them on an even keel from spiralling into toxic tendencies.


Judy Garland, June 10, 1922


Geminis are enchanting weavers of tales, but they must be mindful that they don’t manipulate others who are easily charmed by their hypnotic abilities. They are good at stringing along a coterie of devotees who only see them as they appear on the surface, and these kinds of relationships can leave them lost from authenticity and true spiritual connection with their truly kindred mates.



Tupac Shakur, June 16, 1971


Geminis offer a childish innocence and wonder to the world. Their ability to generate connection and care among a wide array of humanity show us the value of actively engaging and the power of listening. They not only accept diversity, they embrace it. They are here to build bridges and find commonality at the heart of humankind. They find love through communication, and this yearning for verbal contact is as important as the physical for them. These Sun signs crave variety, passion and excitement and bring it all back in return for the rest of us to enjoy.