Tarot Astrology

Gemini Tarot Spread

Megan Moonbat

written by : Megan Moonbat


This mutable Air sign is a strong communicator who connects to others through intellectually stimulating exchanges. Engaged with all aspects of the mind, those born under this sign often have a feeling that they are missing their other half. Their symbol (the Twins) is testament to this. Many Geminis find themselves forever seeking their missing half, which sees them frequently making new friends, mentors and close connections who they can talk to.   

Gemini season is about tapping into the communicative parts of ourselves as well as our innate sense of curiosity. The following tarot spread in honor of Gemini season is here to help us tap into the curious, communicative and expansive sides of our complex selves.


1 What information do I find value in communicating?

2 Where in my life do I take on the role of teacher?

3 Where in my life do I take on the role of student?

4 What part of my life does the exchanging of ideas backs up my life’s purpose?

5 How I can best use my curiosity?

6 A message from my higher self.